What We Teach

Here at Manchester Tamil School pupils are taught about a wide variety of aspects of Tamil culture. For example, this includes:

  • the Tamil language
  • Tamil dance (e.g. Bharatanatyam)
  • Tamil music 
  • Tamil drama 
  • Traditional Tamil entertainment.



 The Tamil Language

Here at MTA we believe that it is vital that our native language is not forgotten, so that our children can pass the language down the generations. Teaching of the language begins as soon as our annual programme is over (in October/November), and it continues until final exams are taken each year in June. Students are taught to read, write, speak and be able to listen to Tamil, and they then develop these skills by partaking in the annual programme.



Our Programme

After the final exams of each June, the whole school begins work on the annual Tamil programme. We have many things going on at this time and hire an external music teacher to come in. Also, all Bharatanatyam classes are taken by another external teacher.

The final programme takes place in October or November of each year and it is always a great success. But, what is more important than its success is the fact that pupils always enjoy the programme and its preparation - it is a way of doing something that is more creative than what most of daily life brings, but is also a golden opportunity to develop skills in the arts.



Dance Classes

Each week alongside the teaching of the Tamil language, an external dance teacher comes in to teach Bhratanatyam, a beautiful South-Indian dance. Throughout the year students will be taught dances to a variety of music (including film music and traditional music). They also learn the syllabus for official external graded exams, which students are entered into through the school.



Other Events and Facilities


On top of the above, we have an annual Sports Day in the summer. This has been running for several years and has been a great day for socialising and for having some fun. Students partake in some Western events, as well as being able to try some traditional Tamil games.

Finally, throughout the year we also celebrate various religious festivals as a school - celebrations usually take place in our hall in Withington.